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Introduction to Data

Everything within the Kurtosys App uses Data. Documents being produced, Studio Apps used to present the data visually (Line charts, Bar charts or Fund Facts) and even some website content pulls from the Data module.

It is the most important part of the Kurtosys Product, and the most crucial to get right (as everything uses the Data!). 

A user can manipulate the Data (if they have sufficient permissions granted) and we encourage our clients to ensure they understand the Data module and all its’ functions.

The Data product allows the user to manage all the client instance data. Data is separated into different data types dependent on whether it is Fund-, Class-, Benchmark- or Account-type data.

Data can be manually added using the interface or uploaded via APIs.

Most clients have different language options dependent on the country they are based; translations for data are stored here as well as Commentaries and Disclaimers (pieces of text which pull through to websites or documents).

Segmentation lists (how funds or classes are categorized) exist so that data can be seen by specific groups is managed in the Data Hub, as well as Approval Group types and members.

The Healthcheck tool is also found here – all data has specific required fields and other fields which are optional, the Healthcheck tool checks uploaded data to confirm that required fields are filled and data meets configured parameters.