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Studio for Office (SFO) – Accessing

Accessing Studio for Office (SFO)

(screenshots using PowerPoint)

  1. Click the Kurtosys Studio for Office icon to access the Kurtosys App plug in.
  1. Select the applicable (domain) environment where your Kurtosys App client is hosted, then click Next.
  2. Click Log In.
  1. Type in your organization name – ensure you spell it correctly and make sure uppercase and lowercase letters are used exactly as per your registration email client name, then click Next.
  2. Type in your Username and Password, then click Login.
  1. Click SEND DUO PUSH (or Call or Text) and complete authentication as usual.
Note: If any additional security is set up on your Kurtosys client, e.g. Two-Factor Authentication or Assurance Images or Messages, these will be used for the Kurtosys SFO plugin.

Next, add some widgets to your template.