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DXM Domain Management

In Domain Management you can set up your various domains and map them to the underlying WordPress subsites.

A few things to keep in mind as prerequisites to using Domain Management and Mappings:

  • You need to have a valid certificate set up in Site management

  • Your certificate needs to include the specific domains you want to add OR include a wildcard so that any subdomains can be added

  • Have some sites in WordPress you can play around with and map to

To add Domains and Mappings to your site:


  1. Go to DXM | Domain Management.
  2. Select your Site.
  3. Select your Site Instance.
  4. You can add a Domain by clicking +
  1. Add either a certificate domain or a Kurtosys domain. Give it a name and description.
  2. Click Create Domain.


  1. You can see Domain Information, add Mappings and Proxies too, and edit Headers on existing Domains by clicking the number, in the Mappings column, in the row alongside the domain name.
  1. Click + to add, click X to delete and use the hamburger to edit Mappings. You will need to save the flyout and the list to save all changes. 
  2. Click Add + to add or click X to delete Proxies.

Note: there are five system Mappings automatically added by default into Mappings and these cannot be edited, moved or removed. They are required for the system to function. These Mappings are:

  • Cache
  • Modules
  • Services
  • Uploads
  • Instance DNS

These System Mappings are being added into the system as part of an ongoing migration. If you do not see them, simply update the Mappings setup. 

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