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How do I update DUO to use on a new mobile device or with a new number? I still have access to both.

Since two-factor authentication is part of an enhanced security protocol that ensures that it is you accessing the application, it is not as straight forward as changing a password.

Remove DUO Authentication Push notifications on your old device 


  • Access to the DUO application on your old device.


  1. Log into the DUO application on your old device.

  2. Select each organization you have set up that you need to remove.

  3. Select Remove Account.

  4. Confirm the action by selecting REMOVE ACCOUNT in the pop-up that appears.

  5. The next time you want to log into the Organizations you have access to, you will be prompted to set up push notifications via the DUO application on your new mobile device.

Disable Notifications using the Kurtosys App User Profile


  • Access to your old authentication method

    • DUO app on your old device for push authentication

    • Your old mobile number for call or text authentication

  • Access to all the Organizations where you have two factor authentication enabled


  1. Log into each of your Kurtosys App Organizations (using your old authentication settings)

  2. Go to your User Profile section (username & user icon in top right corner).

  3. Disable all the authentication methods.

  4. Next time you log into your Kurtosys Organizations you will be prompted to configure two factor authentication, which is where you can use your new device or number.