System Admin


Resetting Passwords


Users are the individuals who will be logging into either the Kurtosys App or the Document Portal to access applications, information or documentation.

Resetting a User’s Password

If a User forgets their password, or types in the incorrect password numerous times and their account gets locked, their password can be reset by a Client Admin User.

Use the Settings cog to access the System Administration tools.

  1. Click Users in the navigation pane to access all existing Users.This will open the Users information screen. Any existing Users will be listed in the table along with their login details.

  1. Click the Username of the person whose password needs resetting.

  1. Click Authorization in the User Options side panel to send a Password Reset email.
  1. Select KurtosysApp for a Kurtosys-branded reset email or select an app from the dropdown menu to choose the app’s branded email. Any Apps which the user has access to will be available to choose from the dropdown menu.


  1. Click Send. A green successful task pop up bar will appear across the bottom of the screen.

See also Adding Bulk Users, Adding a Role and Assigning a Role or Giving Application Access to a User.