DXM v1.1.24 – November 2021 Release

New Feature

Master Templates

  • Master Templates will ensure that Templates can have a “Master” site where they can be managed from to ensure we can deploy features like Template Translations and Template Workflows.
  • Setting this up will be a quick one-step process within the Network Admin Sharing settings and a Master Template can be changed to a different site at a click of a button.
  • The functionality to edit Display Conditions will be available on the non-master Templates and safeguards have been built in to ensure the WordPress Admin user is aware of their actions.
  • How to use



  • Elementor Revisions present on all Post types where they have been activated, increased to 5 Revisions (saves) per Post.
  • Performance 
    • Turn off unused WordPress cron jobs.
    • Implement a dashboard to view specific site usage information to track performance.
  • Replace media  
    • Warn about cross environmental impact when doing Replace Media
    • Ensure SVG file types are fully supported.
  • Sharing 
    • Ensure the Bulk Action options presented for the sites selected, are applicable.
    • Ensure a user can only share to sites they have permission to share to.
  • All Post Edit views changed to the correct view where Sharing will consistently work



  • Sharing 
    • Relations to be consistently linked to post even if a relational post is updated.
    • Hreflang to present the correct customer domains per shared site (if there is a different domain per site).


Note that jQuery Migrate has been turned off on the Production sites with the deployment. All fixes have been made to update the deprecated functions