DXM v1.1.27 – February 2022 Release


  • WordPress 5.9 upgrade
  • Elementor v3.4 onto -dev sites 
    • Note we are keeping the -stg and -prd sites on Elementor 2.9, so the sites used by clients will not be affected with this Elementor upgrade
    • Support and Implementation teams will be testing the upgrade on the -dev sites over a period of 4 weeks
  • PHP XDebug v3.1.2 

New Feature

HTTP Header Management

HTTP Header Management allows clients to define specific HTTP headers for DXM Domains. We allow the customization of 3 headers

  • x-frame-options
  • referrer-policy
  • content-security-policy

This feature has a special permission so that only authorized personnel can set the values, all changes are audit logged and useful tooltips are provided to ensure correct values are added. Read more in this useful guide.


  • Tabs widget > added an option for tabs to be sticky when scrolling

  • Platform Safeguard
    • Ensure unique slugs are enforced per site in setup of post types, taxonomies, terms and using “rewrite slug” functionality
    • Safeguard all touchpoints in Sharing when a site is deleted (previously shared to)
  • Translations > Edit button added to ensure more prominent next step after languages have been added
  • Master Templates > Message with detail regarding duplicate template names in case the feature does not want to activate
  • Database backups retention policy enforced > No WordPress backups kept beyond 30 days


  • Resolved the issue causing duplicate Default Kit templates per site
  • Sharing
    • Menu order ability to share
    • Ensure Elementor data is always carried across when re-Sharing
    • Master Templates > ensure no Templates are in the “Sharing” state after activation and re-allocation of a new master of a specific template