Kurtosys v1.0.27 – July 2018 Release

Release Date: 5 July 2018



This is a large release that boasts both feature enhancements and new features in Kurtosys. Some of the most prominent new features that were added include:

Two Factor Authentication

Clients now have the option to increase login security by applying two-factor authentication (2FA). Using DUO as the service provider, users for a 2FA enabled client will be given the opportunity to setup authentication using their mobiles either via the Duo App (push notification), by text or by call. This means that before logging into Kurtosys, the user will need to authenticate their login using one of the 3 mobile methods. For information on enabling this feature see this article on our Knowledge Base.

Custom Identifiers for Segmentation Lists as well as Commentaries and Disclaimers

This new feature allows users to search for a Share class or Fund using an alternative property value to the default identifier e.g. if the default identifier for a Fund is the Fund Code, the client can configure the Custom Identifier to use the Fund Name when searching for a Fund to add to Segmentations or Commentaries and Disclaimers. For more information on this new feature, take a look at this article on our knowledge base.

User impersonations

A client can set up Impersonations on a per user level that will allow selected users to emulate other users. This gives users the opportunity to check whether entitled users are in fact seeing the correct data or documents as well as provide an opportunity for assisting users in troubleshooting their accounts. For more information on impersonations see this article on our knowledge base.

Resend registration email

Users can now resend the Kurtosys registration email to users Pending Registration. This is useful if the user that needs to register accidentally deleted their registration email or if their registration token expired.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Users previously got an error message when selecting Content > Disclaimers > Save Draft. This has now been rectified and the Disclaimer draft saves as expected.
  • When adding a new Property under FundPress > Statistics users previously had to click the + button twice to add a new property. Once the property had been added users were unable to select the new property from the ‘Select Existing Property Dropdown’ without an error being generated.
  • When attempting to select a property from the dropdown list under FundPress > Edit Properties users were unable to do so, and thus could not add a value.
  • When trying to save and edit data and values under FundPress > Edit entity data, users were previously unable to do so as the Save button did not enable.
  • When adding an approval group under Data Dictionary > Disclaimers and Commentaries users previously had to add the group twice in order for it to save.
  • When attempting to remove a fund with the backspace key in Firefox, users were taken back a page instead of the field characters being removed.
  • When users attempted to preview a document under DocPress > Documents > Document Preview, the document was downloaded instead of being shown in the preview pane.
  • Users were unable to edit and save timeseries data successfully.

All of these issues have now been fixed and the features are operating as expected.