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How to set up Two-factor Authentication

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Two-factor Authentication adds another layer of security to Kurtosys. When logging in for the first time users are required to choose their preferred authentication method (push authentication through the Duo App, text message or phone call). Every subsequent time the user logs in they will need to use their chosen Two-factor authentication method to gain access to the system.



Setting up Two-factor Authentication

On first login a user will be required to set their preferred password.

Once your password has been configured, select next. You will be redirected to a screen to set up Duo Mobile Two-factor Authentication.

To set up this verification method you will need an iPhone or Android device. Download the Duo Mobile Application on your smartphone or tablet and scan the barcode displayed on screen.

Once you have scanned the barcode click next.

If you would not like to set up this authentication method, select skip this step to be redirected to the screen to set up text or phone call authentication.

Insert your phone number and choose one of the following options:

  • Call me – you will receive a phone call with a code. Enter this code into the field provided to complete the setup.
  • Text me – you will receive a text message with a code. Enter this code into the field provided to complete the setup.

Once the verification has been completed, select finish. You will be redirected to a screen that confirms you have been successfully registered. You can now log into Kurtosys using Two-factor Authentication.

Managing Two-factor Authentication settings

After first login users can manage their Two-factor Authentication settings within the Kurtosys platform.

Navigate to User Settings > Profile.

Your Two-factor Authentication settings will display on the right. Enable/disable the various authentication methods by clicking on the buttons on the right.

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