DXM v1.1.23 – October 2021 Release

New feature

Translations – List of All Translations

  • A view of all posts currently in Translation for the specific site
  • Filter by Language, Translator user and/or Post type
  • Ability to select multiple posts and send a Bulk Translations request to a Translation Provider (SDL or Cloudwords)


  • Elementor Menu Widgets to select a menu before saving a “default” option where the user might not be aware of this selection
    • Applied to widgets: Mega Menu, Vertical Mega Menu
  • Sharing:

    • Clearer sharing indication on Post Edit view to see if a post is Shared, Detached or in the process of Sharing to a specific site
    • Ensuring users can’t action “Bulk Actions” whilst Sharing is in progress
    • Updated the sharing mechanism so that templates won’t have their conditionals removed in some edge cases


  • Accessibility > Listing Grid – Tab key when using Multiple Listing Grids on one page
  • Engine > Metafield – Fixed Repeater on Post Edit
  • Sharing > Dropbar (when adding Image and custom content) – Resolved the error message “Template undefined” in the Sharing logs when sharing a post that contained this setup