KurtosysApp v1.0.80 – October 2021 Release

Release Date: Oct 4, 2021

What’s New?


Email Distribution

Distribute documents produced in the Document Production Center to Contact email addresses as a zip file, which can be protected by a Document Key.

For more on how to use Email Distribution see our Help Center article.



System Administration


Save email addresses against first and last names without creating a User in the Kurtosys App, assign Document Keys for Contacts to protect documents sent from the Document Production Center via Email Distribution. You also have the ability to create Contact Groups to make it easier to assign which Contacts should receive which documents via Email Distribution for Documents created with Multi-Template Workflows in the Document Production Center.

For more on how to use Contacts see our Help Center article.


Studio for Office Dynamic Data

Add raw Kurtosys App data point text into your Microsoft Word templates built with Studio for Office, and style the text using Word’s native styling capabilities. Once you’ve built your template, you can run it through our Document Production Center and these data points will be updated/replace with the new or relevant data point, depending on which Workflow Type (Office or Office Templates).

For more on how to use Dynamic Data see our Help Center article.