How to start a Production Centre Workflow Run and approve/reject steps

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How to start a Workflow Run

To start a Production Centre Run you will need the following:

  • A fully configured Workflow available in the Production Centre Start Menu
  • Authority to start a run i.e. your user must be included in the Approval Group assigned to the specific Workflow you wish to start.

If you have both of these in place then you may start a Workflow Run.

Select the New Run button to the right of the Current Runs heading.




Click on the arrow next to ‘Select Workflow’ to access the available workflows.




Select the applicable workflow from the dropdown menu to begin the Run. Once started the run will be listed under Current Runs.







How to approve or reject a Production Centre Workflow step in an active run

In order to complete a Workflow Run all steps need to be approved for all documents listed in the run.

To access all active documents in the run, that still require approval, select the run you would like to view and then choose the ‘In Progress’ tab.







You will now be able to view all the documents included in the run and their individual progress through the workflow.

Each step will give the assigned Approver the opportunity to either accept (green tick) or reject and create and exception (red cross) the step.



Typically each step requires the assigned Approver to cross check data for a specific component or set of components in the document e.g. the ‘Compliance Approval Group’ may need to approve the ‘Check Disclaimers’ step. In this case they will need to make sure the correct disclaimers are appearing on the document and that the spelling, grammar and content is correct and up to date.

If the Approver is satisfied with the content, they should select the green tick to approve. Note that this can be done at a global level (all documents in the step) or individual level (one document at a time).


A fully approved step (all documents approved) will close the step and open the next one for Approval for the next applicable Approval Group which may or may not be the same as the previous.

If the Approver is not satisfied with the content, they should select the red tick to reject the content to create an exception. This can also be done at a global or individual level.



When the red cross is selected the Exceptions Panel will slide out from the right.

This tab gives you the opportunity to provide details relating to the issue with the particular document and notify the relevant people within your organisation so the document can be amended.

Complete the following fields:

Approval groups to notify – choose entire approval groups that need to be notified of the exception.


Users to notify – add any individual users you would like to notify of the exception.



Comment – provide details about the issue with the particular document.


Attachments – upload a screenshot or any other document that will help to explain why you have rejected the workflow step.




Once you have completed the form you can select ‘Add to Exceptions’. All relevant users will now be notified of the issue via email.

Once an exception has been created the linked document will move to the Exceptions Section of your Current Run.







Within the Exceptions screen, authorised users will have the option to mark the issue as fixed and restart the workflow for that particular document, or remove the document from the run.

Once the workflow for a specific document has been completed (all steps and the final generated document has been approved), the document will move to the ‘Completed’ tab under your Current Run where you can download the final document or send it to your DocPress Document Hub.






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