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Post Like

The Post Like Widget adds a like counter to your post. You can add this to your post or the post template. The Post Like widget records the number of likes in a post, you can however also add it manually.

This widget needs to be activated in the Network Admin area. 

How to add the Post Like Widget

  1. Create / Edit a Page in Elementor

  2. Go to the list of widgets and search for “Post Like”

  3. Drag and drop the widget onto the screen area on the right.

How to configure the Post Like Widget

General Settings
  1. This area controls what icon is displayed to the left of the counter. To choose a different icon you can click on the icon area. 
  2. The view option controls how the icon is displayed.
    1. The default option has no background.
    2. The Stacked option will make the icon white and it will add a solid background. You can then also choose if you want to have it square or round. 
    3. The final view option is framed. This will add a border around the icon. You can then also choose if you want to have it square or round. 
Extra Settings within your post page

When you open your post page you will see there is an option to control the like numbers. This allows you to manually add likes to an article.

How to activate Kurtosys Widgets

Some widgets within DXM are turned off by default and you will have to go into the site’s Network area to activate them. In this short tutorial, we will show you how to do that. 

  1. Open your instance
  2. Go to the network area
  3. Once the network site is loaded. You will see the Kurtosys Extensions side menu item. Click on it.
  4. This will take you to the Kurtosys Extensions. This area contains all of the Kurtosys widgets as well as some other extensions of DXM.
  5. Below each extension card, there is a toggle. With this toggle, you can switch a widget/extension on or off.