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How to configure Kurtosys login and password security features

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Kurtosys helps you reduce risk by providing flexible security settings in line with common InfoSec requirements and standards set by global financial institutions. The system allows you to easily configure your platform security measures to match your internal policies.



To start configuring your security settings, navigate to Settings > Clients.

Select into the relevant client and click on Authorization on the left side of the screen.

Within the authorization screen you’ll be able to configure the following platform security settings:

Login Settings

Choose after how long users should be logged out of the system by typing a value into the ‘Login Timeout’ field, and set the number of failed login attempts a user will have before being locked out of the system by choosing a value under ‘Allowed Login Attempts’.

Maximum Password Age

Turn on the Maximum Password Age feature by clicking on the switch on the right, then set a rule for how often users will be required to change their passwords by typing in a value under ‘Maximum Password Age’.

Assurance Messages

Activate Assurance Images or Assurance Messages to reassure users that they are logging in to the correct platform and that their data is secure by toggling the switches on the right.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security to your system. Enable two-factor authentication by toggling on the switches to the right. You are able to activate one, multiple, or all of the following authentication methods: Push Authentication, Text Authentication and Call Authentication.

Password Strength Rules

Set up your own custom password requirements by completing the following fields:

  • Minimum Length
  • Maximum Length
  • Minimum Letter Characters
  • Minimum Number Characters
  • Minimum Special Characters

You can also make it compulsory for a password to contain upper and lower case characters and prescribe that a password cannot contain the same character three times in succession by toggling the switches on the right.

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