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How to embed a Fund Center

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Fund Center can be embedded in a web page by inserting the following HTML in the area where the Fund Center should be displayed.

<div id="fundCenter"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

The script src should be replaced by the Application Manager URL for your Fund Center and should always reference the main.js file. When the script executes, Fund Center will be loaded into the fundCenter div.

Please note, you may see previous versions of Fund Center using a div id “kurtosysDocLibrary”. Whilst this is still supported for backwards compatibility, it should not be used.

Embed code parameters

There are several optional parameters available to configure Fund Center via the fundCenter element. Parameters must be passed in using “data-” attributes. For example:

<div id="fundCenter" data-culture="en-GB" data-fundlist="Institutional"></div>
data- attribute nameExample valueDescription
cultureen-GBCulture code used for localisation
fundlistInstitutionalName of a segmentation list in Kurtosys App used to limit funds displayed
categorytabUCITSCategory (fund type) name used to pre-select one of the configured category tabs
taboverviewModule name used to pre-select one of the configured module tabs

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